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Hi! We were blessed to have several (!) of your cupcakes at the cupcake festival this past Saturday. It was my son, husband and myself. My son lives around the corner from you, his wife works at the Rocking Horse Ranch. I don't know if you'd remember us. I loved the chocolate peanut butter cupcake, and you told us that you (Mr. Dessert Destiny) created the blend yourself. Anyway...we think you could easily get $4.00-$5.00 per cupcake. We had some that were a third of the size your cupcakes, and they were $3.00. The size and quality of your cupcake warrant and deserve a higher price. My son and I both would have paid $5.00 apiece. But, you could get $4 easy. We plan to attend the taco festival, and not for tacos!! Just for your cupcakes! See you soon!!

            . . . Chris from the Gardner Cupcake Festival


Good Afternoon, Purchased three of your cupcakes to go on our way out of Dubois Farms today. We were blown away by how great they were.

Honestly, we haven't heard of you before today.

Wish we would have purchased more! Do you have a retail store front? Would love to regularly support you!

                                        ...Cheers, Sherrie Doucette

Just want to send a big thank you to Dessert Destiny in Highland, N.Y. for making the cupcakes for my son and daughter in law's baby shower. They were a big hit. We highly recommend anyone that needs a cake for a special occasion to give them a call.

                                                 ...Al Schermerhorn

Oh boy...the strawberry cupcakes were such a surprise. And they were such a big hit. Everybody loved them. Thank you so much. You are both great

                                                 ...Peg Graham



     Thank You Tina & Jimmy for the Delicious Cupcakes for Our Family Reunion, they were the hit of the Party. Everyone was raving about them. There wasn't a crumb left. The Apple Crumb was Outstanding!                             ...Gary Ruckdeschel 



Best cupcakes around. The mudslide ones are the best!   ...Morgan Plass


Awesome treats! You are doing a great business here! Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.

                                   ...Jason K Green


Buttery nipples yummy

                                  ...Tim Sullivan


OMG   THANK YOU LeeAnna for bringing me your Mom's #applecrumbcupcake...

I seriously cried while eating this because it was that good lol... Now I know why she won the #k104cupcakewars. lol

                                 ...Christina Alicia

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